Thursday, September 27, 2007

Decorated Can

I got tired of making Christmas cards yesterday and decided to do something else. I got this bean can that I had been saving and decorated it.

This is definately a "plan ahead" project. The can needs to have a pull tab opening and you'll need to open it from the bottom with a safety can opener, leaving the pull tab intact.

After cleaning and drying the can and bottom. It's simply a matter of decorating the can any way you like for any occasion. I didn't even glue the paper down. It's just taped in the back with scotch tape so it doesn't show.

The twill tape I dyed using a regular Stampin' Up! craft pad and sponge. The metal tag is from the Hodgepodge Hardware and works great because it bends to conform to the shape of the can.

The gold cord is just wrapped around the can and then taped in the back.

All together I think I spent about 20-25 minutes on this.

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