Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine Fortune Cookies

Reposting this just in time for the big day!! Enjoy

Here's my latest creation!! A Valentine Fortune Cookie for those you love!

These are quick and easy and don't cost much.
With all of the beautiful paper out there you're sure to find some to please everyone!!

I used Stampin' Up! paper because it has a nice weight to it and I don't fret about tearing it.

The supplies you'll need are minimal. Something to cut circles with. Any size will do, just depends on how big you want your "cookie". You'll also need some plain white paper to use for the fortune which you will either stamp a message on or hand write one.

After cutting out your circle, fold it in half and crease it good.

Then you'll want to fold it in quarters but only crease the very tip, otherwise you'll get a fold line down the middle of your "cookie".

shape. You same time in order to form the fortune cookieNow comes the hard part. You're going to have to force the paper to bend two different directions at the want to bend the cookie in the middle in the upwards direction while at the same time forcing the curved portion to fold down and up. It's a little confusing but once you start to fold it you'll understand more and hopefully the pictures will help.

Finally, you'll want to put some STRONG double sided tape at the inside center fold (where the black circle is), that will help to keep the cookie folded.

Then just stick your message in the cookie so it sticks out a bit!

Have fun!!

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