Friday, May 29, 2009

Lyrical Letters

I can't wait until the mail gets here today!!! I have loved this Lyrical Letters cartridge for my Cricut since everyone started pre-selling it!!.

I balked at the price though. The lowest I found it for was 50.00 at Oh My Crafts and although that's where I normally buy my cartridges I couldn't afford that price.

So I went to Ebay. I knew I had 36.00 in my Paypal account so that would be my limit. Then, I just started bidding on cartridges one at a time. As soon as I lost a bid I'd move on to the next one and guess what??? It only took me 21 tries!! I finally won an auction and got my cartridge for 34.15 with free shipping.

It should be here today....just in time for the weekend!

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