Friday, September 10, 2010

Sure Cuts A Lot

This is what Cricut should have been! I bought this program because I've gotten tired of the exclusivity that Cricut has started. I don't like being told "look at this great new cartridge, but you can only buy it on the third Sunday in June when the moon is full!".

Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) is simply a program that you install on your computer. It looks a lot like Design Studio but more. It will cut any font on your computer (and we all know how many free fonts there are out there!) using your cricut machine. You can also import images files and the program will detect the lines in the image and it will cut those also.

There are also a lot of web sites that sell images, pre-made and ready to cut. You can buy one, two or 10, just buy what you need.

I am loving this program so far. It does so much more than Cricut and Design Studio, well worth the money! You can buy this program just about anywhere. Amazon sells it. I bought mine from Craft Edge.

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