Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Table Decorations

Here's what I've been working on!! I have one of these to go at each place setting for our Christmas Dinner table.

The box was cut using the Silhouette Die Cutter (my friend has one and it is one my wish list!). The tree is from Stampin' Up! (I think the set is called Season of Joy).

I Stamped two trees for each box. After cutting out the trees, I turned them over and stamped the other side. Then I placed both trees together and cut off the rounded bottom so I would have a flat surface to glue. Next I cut one tree about 1/2 up from the bottom and another a little less than 1/2 down from the top.

Then it's just a matter of sliding the two together. Gluing isn't necessary as they stick together pretty well.

I also stamped a poinsettia flower from the same set for each box. Then I smeared ( a really good coating but not thick) glue on the flower and stuck the tree into the glue. After that was dry I glued the whole thing onto my decorated box, put a little candy in each one and was finished.

This was a little time consuming by not really difficult.

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  1. your table decoration is lovely. I am having my sister and family for dinner and I think I will make some special table decorations too. take care