Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Glass Etching

This is a candle tray that I made. I was actually trying for a darker etch but was worried that something was going wrong and stopped the process too early. The little yellow flecks are actually on our desk, not on the tray.

You'll need some kind of glass, flat works best for stamping. Armor etch, latex gloves, clear embossing powder, heat tool.

Wash and dry your glass (since I used a tray that's what I'll call it from now on). If you are going to be using your tray for serving food, you want to etch the other side, not the food side.

Pick what design you want. Something with lots of details or fine lines doesn't work very well. You want something a little solid.

Emboss just as you would for paper. If you accidentally slip, just wash it off and start over. Then emboss. This took me a bit longer that I thought it would. I guess the glass had to heat up too.

After you have it embossed, get your gloves on and your armor etch. After that you will need to follow whatever directions are on your etching compound. When the etching is complete, just wash it off and then scrape off the embossing powder to leave a clear image.

When it's done and dry you have a one of a kind gift to give or keep! I'm making a couple with a Christmas design, fill the plate with cookies and give it to our schools secretaries.

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  1. you did a beautiful job.

    where do you get the Armor etch?