Monday, October 29, 2007

pyramid box

One of my co-workers had this little pyramid on her desk showing the food chain or something like that. I saw it and thought, wow, what a cool box!

So here is my first cut. The top is actually supposed to tuck inside but it was easier to secure it with loopy brads. I also used organza ribbon as a hanger but next time I would make both the hanger and the fastener the same.

I have visions of 10 or so of these on my Christmas tree this year!


  1. I love these little boxes. Can you post a pattern? Linda H.(on heavenboundstampers)

  2. Hi Lisa: LOVE YOUR BLOG! And your pyramid box is ADORABLE. I always make my Christmas decorations and this year my mother was sick (and has passed away) and I found it too difficult to do anything. This would be a wonderful idea for my tree next year (I usually start sometime in Feb/March preparing for the years tree). Would you be willing to share the pattern? Thanks again for the away blog-love love love your stuff! Kadie