Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ready for Snow!!

Here in Portland we don't get much snow in the winter. At least where we live there's not much. The higher elevations get more but down here it's usually just cold rain.

When we want snow (and lots of it) we plan a day to head to the Mountains. No one in my family ski's. We just like to play in the snow with friends, go sledding, and drink hot chocolate!

This picture was taken at Trillium, on Mt. Hood. It's a great little sledding area with some trails for cross country skiing.

I'm posting this because now that December is here I am ready for some snow. We're still hovering around 55-60 during the day, sometimes rain or drizzle but mostly just gray!


  1. I just read your comment on snow in Portland and since I live in Sherwood, I just had to laugh since this was posted before our big "storm" this weekend. I hope you enjoy the snow!


  2. I found your blog from your cute gift card holder on Splitcoast. And I was browsing your blog, I realized your in Oregon, I live in McMinnville, and we got about 4-5 in. of snow...I didn't go anywhere today...as I don't like to drive in the snow/ice. Love your blog by the way too.