Sunday, December 21, 2008

Too much snow!!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a little note saying how ready I was for snow. Can I take that back? We've had so much that church has been cancelled two weeks in a row. The kids missed the entire last week of school, my van won't run in the snow/ice so we're stuck at home unless we want to walk somewhere, we've got 9 inches of snow and counting plus at least 1 inch of ice in between snowfalls, and to top it off we lost power for almost 12 hours today (brrr!!!)

Here's some pictures I took though. It may be snowy, cold, blowing, and icy but God sure knows how to paint the landscape!!

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  1. Momma always said, "Be careful of what you wish for!" We have only had about 4 inches of snow here in central IL, near Peoria, but that inch of ice was terrible. Now they are calling for more freezing rain and then 2-4 more inches of snow after that tomorrow. Bad for travelers!